In this course, physical education encourages students to develop their fine motor skills, movement, and confidence to enjoy healthy physical activity regularly. A combination of interactive and hands-on activities teaches students essential skills. Students learn how to respect themselves and others while playing.
Physically Active Lifestyle
In this unit, your student will learn to explain the benefits of physical activity and ways to be physically active. Your student will also learn the importance of participating in physical activity outside of school and be able to distinguish and identify physical activities that are enjoyable and those that are not. By the end of the unit, your student will understand the importance of having a physically active lifestyle.
Introduction to Common Movements
This unit will introduce your student to movement patterns such as throwing, kicking, and catching that are commonly used during physical activities. Your student will also be able to identify directional patterns such as under, over, behind, next to, through, right, left, up, down, forward, backward, and in front of. These patterns are also used in sports and physical activities. Your student will understand the roles and importance of stretching and balancing. At the end of the unit, she will understand how fundamental movement patterns help accomplish physical activities.